Poor addicts and submissive, the psycho-political slaves …

Imagem Destacada

by Marcio Prado

The political class lives an awkward moment.

Not for everyone, but for the most part, is the “positioned” as a situation or as opposition.

But it is interesting to see how many behaviors, whether councilors, ex-councilors, secretaries (political office) and allies, end up being similar to that of gambling addicts.

The gaming addicts, for example, illegal slot machines, stand beside your preferred machine.

To create a bond of affection, with MACHINE, and when the affection weakens, moving to a kind of bond of faith, subjective.

All to justify to yourself why is allowing wear their convictions, ideals, character, and in some cases even their roots.

Then the addict “in the game”, after allowing such enslavement, feels the weight of the collection of other people, who hear their pathetic arguments in defense of this MACHINE, and finally, the collection of your consciousness, that far away, screaming , hoarse, that the path is wrong.

For several moments, the addict knows his mistake … but greed is strong ….

Along with momentary lucidity, is twisted, his own, for a small “wins”, where you can send even further this nagging voice of conscience, more hoarse and weak ..

An achievement that even small, useless, worthless, the addict will use as a flag, banner, well above the value of truth.

Because the addict may have lost millions, but the pennies that won, say to yourself, how much worth it … a true state of psychological slavery, submission to MACHINE and, as always, he will always say be aware of what happens and that everything is under your control. Tell their closest.


The allies to a government example of several small and medium-sized cities, are in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa or Oceania, seeking at all costs, through extensive mental gymnastics, always a justification that can convince yourself you do not skip outside the group, which is involved in, but without the slightest recognition.

The government, which is astute, knows the condition of sick addict, his ally, and leave there, next to the machine, investing your time, so you can not tell up front with that same time, the very MACHINE, which is the government.

Ally observe the poor, fearful of losing that seat on the bench who have hope, not changes position for a moment.

One day, the voice of conscience ally of the poor, can break through the dense fog of his lucidity (who believes enjoy), and a flash of discomfort, anger and annoyance just emerging, even shy ..

Attentive, the government, just like a slot machine releases a handful of favors ridiculous (as ridiculous as those cents a slot), and “lucid” ally becomes convinced that “worth it”, hugs his favorite MACHINE , shifts on the stool and starts again betting the bet of your precious time.


Yes, and always will be, while they think they are. When they conclude their stupidity, have taken a step to wisdom and psychological liberation from this bondage, which are not victims, but punished by the greed of his characters, which were only amplified.

Machiavelli worth reading, if not learned to play chess?


In a report, the press, the deputy mayor of the city Palmas, State of Tocantins, Brazil, resigned his post, after claiming that he was ignored by the government after the victory.

About the resignation, the mayor-elect said he regretted that the vice allies and linked to it will not participate in the administration.

That is … after the campaign, unimportant, in fact, the deputy mayor.

There are cities in situations where, in past management had deputy mayors and vice mayors, that although ignored and mistreated, came to “switch sides” and swore they would not be next to people linked to administrative crime, poor managements, lack of political commitment and functional, but did not have the same dignity and character of the vice Palmas.

Example easy nowadays, which is already being ignored, the current vice Rio Grande da Serra, also in Brazil, Marilza, which devalued, seems to insist in saying that the “Honey Moon” is great.

Is not that what runs behind the scenes, proving the insignificance of it to the current government.

The deputy Palmas gave the example of how to save a political career, but who surrenders to the “game” made an “addict” psycho slave, you see “Honeymoon” where no divorce …

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